17 March 2006


Edinburgh March 10th Action

In rememberance of Tibetan Uprising Day and looking ahead to the 2008 Olympics in China we asked the people of Edinburgh to think about human rights during the Summer Games in two years time.

Two PLA officers flanked students with painted wounds and Tibetan dress chained to large Olympic rings to remind people that China contunues to disregard the rights of Tibetans and its own peoples, and will do so if we don't pressure it to keep its promises of improved media freedom before 2008.

It made an eye catching and disturbing scene that drew intersted crowds and had the petitions to the IOC and Hu Jintao filling up and the info leaflets flying. We managed 4 hours in some horrible weather. Still it was all worth it! We were seen by hundreds and even got into the local news. Read the press release at Phayul.com

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