08 November 2005


Tanks for the Memories!

Toy tanks escort Chinese President to Buckingham Palace

12.00 London Two remote controlled toy tanks adorned with Chinese flags will escort Chinese President Hu Jintao to Buckingham Palace. Organised by Students For A Free Tibet UK, the tanks will roll alongside the royal procession, as a symbolic reminder to President Hu that his brutal military rule in Tibet will not be forgotten and China’s current occupation of Tibet must end.

Students from over a dozen UK universities unfurled banners reading “Free Tibet” along with hundreds of Tibetans and other supporters, before the toy-tanks were released.

On 9th March 1989, Chinese tanks and thousands of heavily armed troops rolled into the centre of Lhasa, the Tibetan capital, suppressing non-violent demonstrations against China’s occupation of Tibet. Monks were thrown from the tops of buildings, women and children were imprisoned, tortured and murdered, simply for raising a Tibetan flag, or shouting freedom slogans. The Chinese troops acted under the direction of Hu Jintao, then Communist Party Secretary for the Tibetan Autonomous Region.

“As a civilised democracy, the United Kingdom must not ignore the atrocities committed by the Chinese government in Tibet,” said Alice Speller, National Coordinator of Students for a Free Tibet UK. “Hu Jintao’s past and present record of human rights violations against the Tibetan people makes him undeserving of the dignity of a royal procession,” she added.

In Tibet today, Tibetans can be arrested, tortured and imprisoned for possessing a photo of the Dalai Lama or expressing hope for the return of Tibetan sovereignty. “Our political leaders will fail their obligation to the people of this country, and their moral responsibilities as human beings, unless they raise the issue of China’s occupation of Tibet during their meetings with President Hu.” Miss Speller continued.

The students likened their activities in support of Tibetan freedom to the international support that helped end the communist dictatorships in Poland, Czechslovakia and East Germany. They hoped their protest of Hu Jintao would help bring an end to China’s unjust occupation of Tibet and help create a more peaceful world.

SFT UK is part of the international organization Students for a Free Tibet (SFT), with Headquarters in New York andoffices in Vancouver, Canada and Dharamsala, India, seat of the Tibetan government-in-exile. Through education,grassroots organizing, and non-violent direct action, SFT campaigns for Tibetans fundamental right to political freedom.

For Further details: www.sftuk.org or www.sftuk.blogspot.com

We also need to start fighting for Nepal. They also want to take it over. The King of Nepal has taken some control of Nepal. But what can he do to keep the communist from taking over his Kingdom? If no one came to help when China took over Tibet? What is this world coming to? Perhaps a one world Government scary Yes True yes. Mark my word it will happen. Read the Bible it is all there. Why Tibet and possibly Nepal apart of China? Whats next? India? It is anyones guess? China does have a large well trained military. Can the USA ever match to that force. Hope not anytime soon. There are too many people who would protest but are we up to war? I can not say if we do not start to wake up and see who our real enemy is? It is not China it is the one who thinks he is in control but is not. Read the Bible it will tell you who to trust and not trust it is for today. Read before it becomes illegal to read it even in the USA. Who are the ACLU? They are communist even here in the USA.
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