08 November 2005


Pictures from the Palace

Protests outside Buckingham Palace. The Tibetan Community and SFT UK get their message over to Hu Jintao.

A police man stops our toy tanks. We chased Hu Jintao down the road with them! "Hu's Forgot his tanks!" They're now famous on the BBC website http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/in_pictures/4418300.stm

Here's us with another tank!

"Free Tibet, Your Majesty!"

"Hu can't have missed us!"

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Tashi delek!

Too all people, of all nations, I ask you too see this light that these people are showing and embrace it as a symbol of prosperity.

They are showing unity, strength,& courage. This makes me so happy, and almost puts tears into my eye's from your compassion towards these people who have lost their country.

I want every tibetan to know, especially the Dali Lama himself, that I think of you all everyday and manifest harmony to you.


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