09 November 2005


Ending on a high note

It's been a crazy, amazing day! Well it is now 12 am and the Students for a Free Tibet UK team are preparing to collapse onto the floor provided by Fiona and Conall. The day started with buying all the newspapers we could put our hands on, to find ourselves continually on either the front page of newspapers or on page 2 or 3! We reached front page of both the Telegraph and the Guardian, and SFTUK's Alice Speller was quoted in both the Mirror and CNN!

The day of protesting began outside Westminster early at 8:00, where Hu Jintao managed to slip in sneakily in a minibus without the protesters noticing..... but he was welcomed at his next visit to Downing Street as protesters lined the street from many different human rights groups. Hu Jintao was seen by many to look directly at the protestors before his car and entourage turned into Downing Street.

Protests outside the Royal Academy of Arts continued, with sneaky protesters hiding Tibetan flags under their coats and drawing them at the last minute as the car drove past. Also a large demonstration was in place as his car drove into the building.

The final protest occured at Guildhall, where the protestors chanted for several hours at the building where Hu Jintao was banqueting. A bond formed between the Tibet and Taiwan campaigners, with slogans such as "Hands off Taiwan, Free Tibet" directed at the banqueting hall. A small group of SFTUK managed to work out where Hu Jintao's car was leaving and with the support of the police staged a protest as he left the building. A photographer took photos of his face turning around and looking at the group.... so watch this space for the photos!!!

A very tired, and hoarse, SFT UK would like to send huge thanks to all those who helped over the past few weeks and months - especially the SFT staff and board, Tibetan youth in UK, Tibet Society UK, Tibetan communty in Britain, Free Tibet Campaign and the ever so obliging media!
Free Tibet!
Way to go everybody. In the midst of running around London, coordinating logistics and screaming your lungs hoarse, it can be easy to forget why your protests are so important.

So lemme just say that Hu could hardly ignore you, nor Tony Blair, nor the Chinese leaders eagerly watching Hu's reception in Britain, etc.

And your demonstrations have inspired Tibetans and their supporters worldwide. Thanks for the hard work.
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