02 August 2005


First post

Woo ya ya woo blog blog. There's one of these created a second according to the BBC yesterday.

Himm... good fact Iain. Look how alive this blog spot looks. SFT UK must be a dynamic crazy cool crew - I wanna join them.
Mmmmm... blogging. I wish it wasn't just me sitting in this empty backwater of cyberspace with only some cheery Ariel typeface to keep my spirits up. Still, who reads blogs anyway, blog's not even a word, how are people to expected to read something the Oxford old boy's haven't defined yet? Eh? Too busy sinking their boats probably. Or was that Cambridge. Who cares anymore, where's my whisky?
well Iain, yeah, I know how this goes. It takes a while to build some momentum. It's a chicken-or-the-egg thing. People won't come and look (and post and comment) until they see stuff going on... and nothing's gonna be "going on" until folks come and look (and post and comment). So I'll raise a glass of whisky to ya for getting it going. And I'll come back and look soon if you promise to post a pretty picture. Cheers!
Oh yeah, one more quick comment - would you consider changing the sidebar link that says "SFT" to SFT International or SFT headquarters or something... I think it actually takes a little away from SFT UK when there's another thing right there called just plain SFT, ya know?
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