01 April 2006


Free Tibet! Action Camp - June 2006

The second SFT Free Tibet! Action Camp to be held in Europe will take place from 20-26 June near Dusseldorf, Germany. See the SFT website for details and an application form. It's an amazing week of training, workshops, action planning, meeting Tibet campaigners from around the world, and campfires! Don't take our word for it - here's what Rob Slinn said about last year's camp:

It was a great privilege to be part of such a fantastic event. I’ll never forget the experience I had, and would strongly urge anyone who has the chance to go on future action camps to do so! You’ll learn some great skills and meet some amazing people. SFT action camp rules! (read Rob's full article in our newsletter)

Word of warning - get your travel plans organised soon as apparently there are some wee football matches happening down the road... Check out Ryanair for flights to Dusseldorf or Eurostar for the greener option :)

Lufthansa and Air Berlin are also doing some pretty cheap flights from London to Dusseldorf as well and won't mess you about like Ryanair have a habit of doing.

Absolutely can't wait so I hope to see loads of you there.
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You can book train tickets from London to Dusseldorf (with a change at Brussels & Cologne) using 'Deutsche Bahn'. Their UK sales number is 08702 435363. Last time I checked tickets were around £75.
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