01 March 2006


Losar in Plymouth

Plymouth have celebrated with a New Year celebration with a difference: an almagamation of Tibetan Tradition and our own crazy ideas thrown in!

The original idea was to have students write down any negative stuff, they are ashamed of or want to put behind them, and ceremoniously set fire to them, but of course that wouldnt be within the framework of health and safety so we opted for a less traditional option.....a shredder. Then they had the option of writing a message of hope, peace or love in a book which we hope to send to a school in India. They then received a complimentry stick of insence and a sweet Mo-Mo...mmm. PLUS a 10 minute Indian Head massage, kindly donated by The Plymouth School of Healing´s oragniser Jack Bedbrook. What a star!

It all went brilliantly, thanks to Kate 'n' Kylie, Plymouths newest volunteers. Their hard work was much appreciated. We had a brilliant response from the students and the Mo-mo´s went down a storm and we manged to raise 33 quid which will go toward a project in India. - Mark

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