27 March 2006


Chinese propaganda spotted during the SFT UK Roadtrip!

Well, not exactly roadtrip. My carbon-karma isn't looking too good after a severely diverted flight took me to Delhi via Bombay. Fiona and I are in India at the moment and will heading up to Dharamsala, exile home of The Dalai Lama, to catch up on the SFT India crew news. Fiona, who has been here for a few weeks already, had been filling me in on their grassroots actions. More on SFT India later.

Our first stop was in the Tibetan area of Majnu-ka-Tilla in the northern end of Delhi. Here we had the joy of watching a Chinese music-come-propaganda show on VCD in one of the cafes. Alongside Chinese pop (frightening flashbacks to the Chinese hour on Belfast Community Radio, which my mother co-hosted), the variety performance features Tibetan-style music with Chinese dancers dressed in polyester Tibetan-esque chubas and pulling some moves that look to have come straight from a communist military training video. Facinating, if a little disturbing, and still not quite sure why the cafe owners were watching it.

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