15 February 2006


What a conference!

Well, it was exhausting (so exhausting it's taken me a few days to recover and type this post) but the SFT UK/TYUK conference this weekend was fantastic! A big thank you to everyone who came from far and wide to take part and give workshops, especially to Tendor who came over from New York to tell everyone about the work of SFT, give us briefings on current campaigns and run the Tibetan Youth UK leadership training workshop, and all that with jetlag. Also, huge appreciation to Riki Hyde-Chambers of The Tibet Society, Rob and Tom from People and Planet, Tserin Topgyal of LSE and Katie Mallin from Free Tibet Campaign for their valuable training.

Despite the long day of workshops on everything from non-violent direct action tactics to working with your MP and how to run a successful group, everyone was still able to make it to Nelsons Bar for a great party in the evening before crashing out at the Kailash Centre for some well earned sleep.

Sorry I don't have any pictures to put up, but there's a few on the post below and a whole load on the Tibetan Youth UK blog, which I highly recommend everyone has a look at. I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did and took away some new skills and inspiration.

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