05 February 2006


SFT Plymouth get off to a running start

A new SFT group has recently been set up at the University of Plymouth by a couple of great Tibet supporters, Mark and Kate. They sent us this report on how they're doing and we thought we'd share it with you.

Just thought I'd send you some (well, a) pic of our fairly successful merchandise sale at Plymouth Uni. We had a really good response from a large number of students, who were all keen to get involved. We were quite surprised about how knowledgeable people were of the situation in Tibet but wanted to know more and had a large number who signed up to join our team. Good News!!!

So onward and upward. Next, we are hoping to plan our grand opening with some form of entertainment. We were fortunate enough to meet a couple of students who were well connected with local bands and DJs, so maybe a benfit gig of some sort. Oh, a tip for anyone holding a similar stall and want to draw people in; nag champa incense sticks!!!!! We had so many people coming over and asking about the smell and were we selling some?!!

Anyway, looking forward to seeing you all at the conference!

If you want to send us a report to go up on the blog, send us an email.

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