15 February 2006


Google: You're Dumped!

This Valentine's Day was also No Luv 4 Google Day and in London we took to the streets to tell Google that it's over.

As well as boycotting all of Google's services over their decision to help the Chinese government censor information on the internet in China and Tibet, dozens of people turned up at Belgrave House, Google's headquarters in London, to tell them we want nothing to do with them.

“Thousands of people are boycotting Google today and protests are taking place in over 16 cities around the world” said Alice Speller, National Coordinator of Students for a Free Tibet UK. “We want Google to end their partnership with the Chinese government and stand on the right side of history” she added.

As we shouted slogans like "Shame on Google" and "Google: you're dumped" we were seen by hundreds of people going to and from Victoria train station, which is just across the road. Passers by were really supportive, taking information and action postcards and even Lib. Dem. MP Martin Horwood turned up to back us.

The fact that Google had told their staff they didn't have to come in to work and had the police put up barriers in front of their building showed they had something to worry about, and with thousands of people from around the world showing their support on www.NoLuv4Google.com they should be scared.

Google shouldn't be condoning or supporting the Chinese government in preventing the spread of democracy and freedom in China by supressing free speech, so dump google and take action.

Did any employees turn up for work? And where was the street theatre? The pics look like every other FTC protest - I want OTT break ups and slaps!
Did you see that the NO LUV 4 GOOGLE was the Guardian's Campaign of the Week in the G2 yesterday?
There were some employees there because some one came down to talk to one of the press guys that turned up and there were a few people going in and out of the building.

I know what you mean about the pics, I don't think they do it justice. The street theatre wasn't ready in time, but the group that came were loud and I think we got our message across.
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