15 February 2006


Edinburgh breaks up with Google!

Here’s a little bit about our action yesterday, which even got some unexpected political support!

Braving being labelled romance cynics, we stood outside our uni library, home to a large selection of computers, and urged our fellow students to ‘Break up with Google!’. By showing copies of results from buzzwords such as ‘Dalai’ typed into goole.com and google.cn, and by handing out postcards, lists of alternative search engines, and helpful information, we persuaded a good number of people to join the boycott (for that day at least!). Our friendly local green MSP, Mark Ballard (who was only coincidentally canvassing for support in his bid to be elected university rector!), seemed inspired by our work and promptly set about putting forward an EDM (early day motion) through the Scottish parliament in support of the boycott Google campaign, as well as vowing to encourage as many MSPs as possible to give up on Google for the long term. Brilliant!

Great work guys, sorry I couldn't make it.
Nice one - uni and Scottish parlaiment in one afternoon! Oh to have more MPs like that...
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