22 February 2006


"Dissident" Prince Charles "boycotted Chinese banquet"

Looks like the king-to-be is one of us! According to Prince Charles' former private secretary, Mark Bolland, Chaz Windsor saw himself "as a 'dissident' working against the prevailing political consensus". In the statements made to the High Court, Bolland confirmed that the prince deliberately boycotted a state banquet with then Chinese president Jiang Zemin because of his support for Tibet. Not only that, but against the wishes of his press people, Charles set about making the reasons for his boycott known.

Bolland is quoted by the BBC as saying that Charles "did not approve of the Chinese regime, and is a great supporter of the Dalai Lama, whom he views as being oppressed by the Chinese."

Once the Queen pops her clogs and Charles takes the throne, he is expected to keep these so-called political views to himself and to be jolly nice to any visiting dictators, just like Her Maj did for Hu Jintao during the state visit in November. He may not be able to speak his mind in the years to come, but Charles has left the world in no doubt as to what he thinks of China's record in Tibet. (photo from BBC)

Thats wonderful news :)
Thanks for posting this, I had not heard about it.
Hi guys,

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Thanks Kagy,
I see your own blog has recently migrated. We are currently looking for a new permanent home for the Students for a Free Tibet UK blog. Wordpress is one of the options we are looking at, so cheers for the info.
Check this out - SFT UK blog's in the Guardian http://static.flickr.com/37/105338677_fe216814be.jpg?v=0
That's so great that you guys made it into the Guardian! It's great to see that your blog is bringing mainstream media attention to SFT UK! Keep it up!

PS--If yall have any questions about moving your blog to WordPress, feel free to email me or Nathan.
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