11 December 2005


Boycott Made In China, Swansea Style

On saturday the busy xmas shoppers in Swansea were treated to the vocal stylings of the Swansea SFT group. Braving heckles and stink bombs courtesy of the local asbo's we sung outside Toys 'R' Us for an hour or so before being moved away by security at the request of the manager. We then hit the town centre with our banner and leaflets were we recieved more support from the locals, including a prayer from a local theology student.
All photos by Phil Kirk.

Good work! You've also made it just in time to headline the new SFT UK campaigns webpage - http://www.studentsforafreetibet.org/article.php?id=771
Way to go guys! That's just made my day. I hope the ASBOs didn't give you too much trouble.
what's the reason not to buy made-in-China products? Is it becuz they are so cheap you can't sell your high-profit craps? Many poor Chinese people live on this career and you are trying to starve them for your own lazyness! piss off u bastards!
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