04 November 2005


Nottingham Action at Bombardier UK

Four students from the Nottingham group coordinated the UK action at the Bombardier head office in the UK for the international day of action.

They were able to greet the employees as they entered the plant for work with flyers highlighting Bombardiers involvement in the Tibet railway.

Alastair, chair of the Nottingham group commented,

"A guy was sitting by the front gate in a suit the whole day watching us and asking us to move off their property whenever we strayed a little. Some employees later told us they had been instructed not to talk to us or take any information which is a pretty despicable way for Bombardier to control the situation - hiding the facts from their own employees. Nevertheless we gave out 160+ flyers to staff, a couple of which expressed their support. We only nearly got run over a couple of times!"

Well done Nottingham!

Click here to check out other international actions.

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Well done guys! Good work. So cool to hear about other stuff happening around the UK. Hope to meet you sometime.
Great action guys! If Bombardier issued instructions to their workers about you, they have got to be worried. Keep up the good work.
NSU - 4efer, 5210 - rulez

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