17 November 2005



On the 14th November 2005, UK Government Minister of State for Trade Ian Pearson met with a delegation of Tibetans and Tibet support groups. He is also the Minister of State in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office dealing with the Chinese affairs. This meeting came after the just concluded state visit of China's President Hu Jintao to the UK. Mr Pearson debriefed the delegation on the recent state visit of Hu Jintao where the issue of Tibet was discussed during the meeting between the Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw MP, and China's Foreign Minister, Li Zhaoxing. It appeared however that PM Tony Blair did not raise Tibet with Hu Jintao. He did however comment that the UK government is concerned about Tibet and its human rights situation. SFT UK representative Tenzin Samphel informed the minister that there are Tibetans who demand freedom and independence for Tibet, supported by the Tibet Support Groups, and asked him whether the UK government sees any positive sign from the Chinese government to resolve the issue of Tibet. He said that he could see the development and improvement of livelihood inside Tibet, but reframed from elaboration on whether there was a positive sign on the resolution of Tibet. SFT UK presented him with the poster ‘Story of a Nation’ and a Tibetan traditional scarf.

Report by Mr Tenzin Samphel

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