12 October 2005


SFT UK in the USA!

For the past week Alice, Fiona and Ben from the SFT UK board have been in New York hanging out with the guys from the SFT International office and board, to learn from their experience and strengthen our ties. So far we've updated them on our progress in the UK, had some discussions on campaigns, fundraising and technology and ploughed through the huge back-log of emails and work we have to do.

But there's been time for some fun too. On Saturday we went to the New York and New Jersey TYC 36th anniversary celebration where, after sitting through some long speeches in Tibetan, we saw a great Yak dance by two mysterious performers, some young karaoke singers and, a new one for us, a Tibetan rap artist (China is lying, my people are dying, children are crying...). There's also been dinner at Tsampa, the Tibetan restaurant of choice in NY, general “getting to know you” drinks and a chance for a bit of sight-seeing.

All in all, it's been great fun, very productive and we'll be sad to leave on Saturday, so we're going to make the most of it until then. If you want to see some pictures of what we've been up to go the SFT International blog at tibetwillbefree.blogspot.com

Finally, a big thank you to all the guys here in New York who've made our trip so great. Cheers.

posted by Ben!!

Ah yes, and it's been fun havin' you. Sorry 'bout the rain.
Think your en-route home just now guys. I'm updating our website before you arrive home to give me a row! Sure you all had a wonderful time with SFT as always. See you soon!
Hopefully everyone made it home safefully and with minimal crappy airplane food. It was great having y'all here -- minus the foul English weather that you insisted on bringing here with you.
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