31 October 2005


SFT party in London

SFT along with Exile Brothers UK hosted a party and discussion night to help get people excited about the State visit by Hu Jintao 8th till 10th November.
Karma (Abo) got the night going with Tibetan, Bollywood, R'n'B and Hiphop. Tseten, chair of the Tibetan Community in Britain statrted the discussions. Tenzin Samphel, ex vice president of Tibetan Youth Congress then gave a passionate speach about youth activism. Metok, campaigns intern at Free Tibet Campaign read out the schedule of events during the Hu Jintao's visit. The talks ended with a speach by Alice, national coordinator of SFT UK who introduced SFT UK and talked on the importance of this visit to youth activism for Tibet in the UK.
The party was a great success and everyone felt that they were ready for Hu Jintao.

If you want to get involved in the campaigns during Hu Jintao's visit e mail info@sftuk.org.

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