31 October 2005


Han was in the UK!

SFT international's opperations director Han Shan was in the UK for 3 days working with SFT UK.

Han spent 3 days helping the UK campaigns team prepare for the State visit of Hu Jintao 8th-10th November and Bombardier day of action 3rd November.

Han also attended a reception at Westminster for the visiting Tibetan MPs with members of the SFT UK board.

Noone can prove I was there! Photos of Big Ben are plentiful online. That would be veeery easy to photoshop........ okay, I admit it. I was there and it was a good time, and I think we got a lot done (it sure felt busy). But hey, by the way I'm the "Development Director" (ie fundraiser) but I'm also an Action Coordinator and well, we all wear lots of hats at SFT. But you know, Matt - our actual "Operations Director" - might get sore.
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